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*NEW* online registration via e-Consul

As of 10/11/2020, the Belgian Embassy in Prague offers the Belgian citizens who move to the Czech Republic the possibility to register online in the Consular population register.  Registration online is available in Dutch and French. You can access this website if:

  • you are Belgian
  • you are not (no longer) registered in a Belgian municipality and you have reported your departure abroad to the municipality;
  • you have a valid and activated Belgian eID card
  • you know your PIN code of the eID card and you have a card reader.

For further information about this new way of online registration you are welcome to contact the Consular section via email prague@diplobel.fed.be

Next to this online registration, it is still possible to register at the Consular population register by submitting all required documents per post or per email to prague@diplobel.fed.be     


Travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic:

Travel to the Czech Republic is strongly discouraged by the Belgian authorities, as the number of new Covid-19 infections remains very high there. Those who travel to the Czech Republic should take into account the restrictions imposed by the authorities in that country to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Thus, since 27 December, it is no longer possible to travel around the country, except for one of the reasons identified by the Czech authorities as "essential". However, tourism or visiting friends are not considered "essential" activities by the country's authorities. In addition, hotels and restaurants are closed, as well as museums and non-essential shops, and there is a curfew from 9 PM to 5 AM. The Czech Government aslo imposes conditions on access to their national territory, which are regularly changed in line with the development of the health situation in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Travelers should inquire about restrictions imposed by the competent authorities in the territory of the Czech Republic, on the website of the Ministry of Health (https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/en/current-measures).

Travelers should also be aware that the epidemiological situation in foreign countries with regard to COVID can greatly affect their trip and that repatriation cannot be guaranteed if commercial flights are suspended or borders closed.


Update 11.1.2021

Travel from Belgium to the Czech Republic

Belgium switched from the category of countries classified as "red" to that of countries classified as "orange" on January 11th 2021. As a result, people from Belgium who travel to the Czech Republic can enter its territory under the following conditions:

  • They must travel to the Czech Republic for one of the reasons considered "essential" by the country's authorities. Travel within the country is also only allowed if it is for "essential" reasons. From the list of essential reasons that justify traveling within the country, it can be deduced that the essential reasons that may justify traveling to the Czech Republic from abroad are as follows:
    • o go to his workplace or perform an activity in a professional context;
    • o family reasons;
    • o undergo medical treatment;
    • o arrange urgent official matters;
    • o attending a wedding or attending a funeral;
    • o follow a training course or internship, take exams;
    • o return to his place of residence or leave the territory of the Czech Republic.

It is recommended that you bring documents proving the essential nature of the trip.

It should be noted that people traveling to the Czech Republic for work or study would only have access to their workplace or educational institution if they can present the negative result of a PCR test to their employer, or to the management of the educational institution in question. The PCR test must have been performed less than 72 hours previously, in the Czech Republic or in the EU country from which the person comes.

It should also be noted that people who come from Belgium but have spent more than 12 hours in the past 14 days in a country currently classified as "red" can only access Czech territory if the following conditions are met:

  • they must complete the "Public Health Passenger Locator Form" prior to their arrival;
  • they must present the QR code "Passenger Card" (received after completing the "Public Health Passenger Locator Form") when requested, upon boarding, at the border or upon arrival;
  • they must have the negative result of a PCR test performed in an EU country less than 72 hours before arrival. Otherwise, they must, at their own expense, conduct such a test in the Czech Republic, within 5 days of arrival, and submit the result to the regional health office where they live. Until then, they must wear a mask in all circumstances in the territory of the Czech Republic.

However, people who come from Belgium and have spent more than 12 hours in the past 14 days in a country currently classified as "red" are exempt from the requirement to complete the "Public Health Passenger Locator Form" and the negative result have a PCR test,

  • travel to the Czech Republic for urgent reasons (tourism and sports are therefore excluded) AND will stay in the country for LESS THAN 24 hours;
  • are in transit in the Czech Republic for a period of LESS THAN 12 hours;
  • BEING UNDER 5 years old.

In addition, everyone who travels to the Czech Republic has the obligation:

  • immediately notify a doctor if they show symptoms of infectious disease and undergo medical examination, testing and quarantine if necessary;
  • Follow all rules imposed by the Czech authorities to combat the spread of Covid-19 in the country

More information about traveling from Belgium abroad can be found on the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs of Belgium (https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en ).

More information about entering the Czech Republic can be found on the website of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic (https://www.mvcr.cz/mvcren/article/coronavirus-information-of-moi.aspx).

More information about current measure in the Czech republic upon your arrival can be found on the website of the Ministry of  Health  of the Czech Republic (https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/en/current-measures/ ).


Travel from the Czech Republic to Belgium

If you have Belgian nationality, or if you are citizen of a EU country, or a Schengen Area country, or of the UK, or if you are resident in Belgium, the EU, the Schengen Area or the UK, or if you are a relative of any of the above-mentioned individuals, you may travel or return to Belgium from the Czech Republic.

NEW From December 25th 2020 all non-residents of Belgium that are coming to Belgium have to do a corona test 72 hours before they arrive to Belgium. The result must be negative. More info can be found in the Frequently asked questions  "Negative test non-residents coming from a red zone." (currently available only in Dutch or French)

ALL travelers going to or returning to Belgium, regardless of the means of transport used, must complete the Passenger Location Form no earlier than 48 hours before arrival in Belgium.

This must always be filled in if you are travelling to Belgium by plane or boat.

This does not need to be filled in if you travel by another means of transport and stay in Belgium for less than 48 hours or if you return by another means of transport after a stay abroad of less than 48 hours.

The Passenger Locator Form evaluates on the basis of your answers whether you are at high risk of corona and then you may receive an SMS. If you get the SMS, you have a high risk of corona and you should be quarantined. The SMS contains a code to allow you to be tested. If you don't get a text message, you don't have to quarantine.

If you have any questions regarding:

  • the recent negative PCR-test, compulsory from 25/12/2020 on, required from every traveller (from 12 years on) to Belgium coming from a red zone (not for residents in Belgium)
  • the Passenger Locator Form
  • the COVID-19 test and the quarantine obligation in Belgium,

please check the website https://www.info-coronavirus.be/en/ and contact the FPS Public Health on 0800 14 689 (free toll number from Belgium) or send an e-mail to info.coronavirus@health.fgov.be

Transit is possible, by any means of transport, without conditions or measures upon arrival in Belgium, including travel through red zones.


Change of accessibility of the consulate counter

The consulate counter is currently accessible only by appointment. You can make an appointment by email or by phone.

Tel.: +420 257 533 525, +420 257 533 524

Email: prague@diplobel.fed.be

In order to better organize the consular assistance, we also recommend that you register your trip via Travellers Online  


30 Dec

Tomorrow, 31 December, Belgium's sixth mandate in the UN Security Council (VNVR) will come to an end. Two and a half years ago, our country had received the support of no less than 181 countries to sit at the table of the most important body for international peace and security for two years. During those two years, Belgium has been active on all the dossiers on the agenda of this body.

23 Dec

Belgium is supporting the activities of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Syria with a contribution of 2 million euros, in response to the organization's 2020 call for contributions for the country. The ICRC's action is essential and its neutral and independent humanitarian approach, in accordance with the mandate given by the States, makes it a key player in the protection and assistance to the populations affected by the conflict in Syria.

22 Dec

No country in the world will be safe from COVID-19 as long as not all countries are safe. That is why the Belgian Minister for Development Cooperation Meryame Kitir is making 4 million euros available for the COVAX initiative. COVAX is a global collaboration with governments and pharmaceutical companies to ensure that COVID-19 vaccines are available and accessible to all countries worldwide.

18 Dec

On Thursday December 17 and Friday December 18, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sophie Wilmès held successive bilateral meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, H.E. Ara Aivazian, and her counterpart of Azerbaijan, H.E. Jeyhun Bayramov, on the occasion of their visit to Brussels and in the margins of the partnership dialogue with the European Union. 

17 Dec

Since 2016 Belgium has been supporting the stabilization and reconstruction effort in Iraq, as part of our country's holistic approach to the fight against terrorism.